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Voices – Breaking the Trauma Bond

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It’s time for another review from Steve and Remfry on Riot Act Reviews, where we collect our thoughts regarding a significant or interesting recent album that our hosts have heard.

On this episode we are diving deeper into the underground than we have previously done so on this portion of the show by looking at Breaking the Trauma Bond, the 4th studio album from London goth-black metal band Voices. Featuring members of cult UK extreme metal band Akercocke, Voices received a little bit of attention and critical love for 2014’s London album but it is here on their fourth record where Voices have really found their… er… voice. This is a sixteen track, 68 minute meld of Danzig, Killing Joke, Satyricon, Bauhaus and Type O Negative, and we wanted to bring it to your attention.

An Audience of Mannequins (Official Lyric Video)

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