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Venom Prison – Erebos

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It’s another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry talk about one of the more noteworthy new records being released right about now.

On this episode, we’re looking at Erebos, the third full-length album by underground death metal darlings Venom Prison. It’s been a pretty spectacular rise for Welsh / Russian death metal crew over the last few years, with each of their previous records seeing them steadily climb the ladder of British metal to a position where Erebos now feels like a genuinely big release in the scene. The third album is always a testing ground for the longevity of a band like Venom Prison however … how much longer can you continue to blast and batter your way around before your audience feels like they’ve heard all your tricks? It’s a problem Erebos skillfully side steps, with none of the band’s previous extreme intensity being sacrificed, Venom Prison have released the most daring, expansive and experimental album of their career thus far, with nods to electronic music, ambient passages, power metal and symphonic bombast all peeping up from the precipice at some point during the records run time. Question is; is it actually any good?

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VENOM PRISON – Judges Of The Underworld (OFFICIAL VIDEO)



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