Riot Act

179 – RIP Meat Loaf: The Story of Bat Out of Hell

Welcome to Riot Act, your weekly dose of music chat and opinion from that guy Stephen Hill and the other guy Remfry Dedman. And, yes, you’re right, we should pay tribute to the late, great Meat Loaf, who sadly passed away last week just as episode 178 went live. We are obviously going to do that (you could say you took the words right out of ours mouths), and what better way to celebrate the iconic career of the man than by deep diving into the fascinating story of his most definitive album? We try and unravel the madness of his multi-platinum selling, genre denying and defying 1977 debut album Bat Out of Hell.

There’s also talk on new albums from the likes of Yard Act, 40 Watt Sun, Grivo and Zetra, and we also pick a side on the ongoing Spotify tug of war between Joe Rogan and Neil Young.

Bat Out of Hell – The Story Behind the Album