Rioteers Review

RR43 Velvet Revolver – Contraband

Originally posted over on ( September 23rd 2020

Remfry and Steve head back to 2004 for a suggestion to cover GN’R/STP supergroup Velvet Revolver and their debut album Contraband. As suggested by Jonathan Davidson (who very kindly gave us the choice between Contraband or their risible 2007 follow-up Libertad), the timing of the release of this debut was extremely fortuitous, as the retro classic rock sound was back in fashion after The Darkness had paved the way with their debut album Permission to Land the previous summer. Consequently, Velvet Revolver were welcomed with much more open arms than they would have been just a couple of years previously … but do the songs on Contraband still sound as good today as they did 16 years ago?

** WARNING: Features Josh Todd impressions **