Riot Act Reviews – This World is Going to Ruin You

It’s time for another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry give you their opinion on a brand new album that is about to drop on the unsuspecting music world. On this show we are talking about the second album from Boston hardcore newcomers, (previously Vein) The World Is Going To Ruin You. have been seriously hyped from the hardcore underworld for a good few years now, but their last album Errorzone put a few noses out of joint when they added a little touch of, gasp!, nu-metal to their sound back in 2018. So a few Mystic Meg’s are assuming that TWIGTRY is going to lean in even further on more mainstream sounds and turn into the next big rock band. Well, more fool you for doubting them, as this is a spectacular 180 degree turn from the band back to the heaviest and most extreme elements of their sound, with a whole new bunch of stuff chucked in their to fuck with you as well. Good news if you like your music to be extreme, but, obviously that doesn’t strictly mean that it’s any good does it. So, listen here to see what we think of it… I mean… we’ve already made it pretty obvious haven’t we. But, listen all the same please.

Like the sound of an album trying to murder you? Why not pre-order This World is Going to Ruin You? – The Killing Womb (Official Video) – Wavery (Official Video)