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CA26 Type O Negative – October Rust

It’s that time where we delve into another classic album here on Riot Act, and this week Steve and Remfry go slow, deep and hard into the career of one of the 90’s most unique bands; New York alternative goth metallers Type O Negative and their 1996 masterpiece October Rust.

We start by looking at both alt-metal and goth, what they were, how they formed and just how unlikely a pairing they were for commercial success back in the early 90’s, before looking at Type O’s entire career; from the controversy, the addition of melody and romanticism, the subtle humour, the infiltration of the mainstream, the problems of frontman Peter Steele that led to darker and less accessible material later in their career and his tragic death in 2010. Plus we go through every track on the record and try and work out just what it is that made Type O Negative one of the most enduring cult bands of the 90’s.

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121 – Palm Reader, Billie Joe Armstrong, Hatebreed and Clutch

Steve’s in a festive mood because it’s Thanksgiving and nothing gets him feeling more jolly than celebrating the concentrated slaughter of millions of people… ahhh bliss! But there’s genuinely something to celebrate as the long awaited 4th album from Palm Reader is out. Remfry and Steve review that alongside new albums by Billie Joe Armstrong, Hatebreed and Clutch. And we also correct our errors from last week when stating that there are no bands left to reform … you’ve come back to us in your droves and we cycle through the bands you’d like to see reform who haven’t done so yet. 

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