S23 – Covers Special #1

Remfry and Steve return to an idea as old as Riot Act itself as they pick 8 covers each to discuss over almost 3 hours. The songs that bands decide to cover and the way that they cover them can tell you a lot about the band itself, something that the boys dissect at length.

Together, they look at covers of songs by the likes of The Beatles, Refused, The Prodigy, Nina Simone, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Weezer, Deftones, The Police, Killing Joke and Frank Sinatra

Riot Act

14 – Not in Kermit’s Mouth

Steve’s absolutely furious this week because he’s got a cold and is surely just a cough away from certain death. Remfry feels fine (thanks for asking) although he is slightly perturbed by the colour of Steve’s toilet seat. Despite these debilitating circumstances, neither are discouraged from talking about some of the most exciting new music in the alternative sphere, which this week takes the form of reviews of albums by Sick of it All, Toska and Sylvaine.

Remfry headed across to Oxford to see Idles continue to take the country by storm, whilst Steve ventured to London’s Roundhouse to see Pixies play Surfer Rosa and Come On Pilgrim in full and they both had fairly different views of Turnstile’s show at House of Vans. Elsewhere new songs from Slipknot and While She Sleeps are discussed and in place of trade-off this week, Steve and Remfry pick their Top Five albums from Epitaph, the legendary American independent record label setup by Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz in 1980.