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CA41 The Black Crowes – The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

It’s the return of our Classic Album Series podcast, where we dive into one of our favourite albums of all time. On this episode Steve picks the second album from Georgian hard rock revivalists The Black Crowes; The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion, which was released on the 12th of May 1992.

The Black Crowes were already climbing the ladder to superstardom in the early part of the 90’s after their debut record Shake Your Money Maker had gone five times platinum in the US and had seen them labelled as ‘the new Rolling Stones’. But then the spectre of grunge appeared in 1992 and all of a sudden classic hard rock bands began either dropping like flies or shamefully and cynically adopting the zeitgeist look and sound of early 90’s Seattle. The Crowes decided to take the completely opposite approach and go even further down the retro rabbit hole, adding gospel, funk, country and Hendrix worship to their bluesy blueprint. The result is this album, which, far from destroying them, saw them rewarded for digging their heels in and refusing to conform as The Southern Harmony… sat atop of the US Billboard Top 200 chart upon its release. Now, 29 years after its release, we look at the record in depth and see how The Black Crowes managed to avoid the curse of grunge, and instead flourish both commercially and artistically.

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Riot Act

64 – Talk Talk Bingo

Remfry is away this week, mucking about in Europe. But Riot Act rolls on regardless. Stephen is joined by long time buddy and RA comrade Matt Stocks to review new releases from Foals, Ocean Wisdom and Elbow. Matt brings Against Me’s classic major label debut New Wave in for the first ever one sided trade off. And the boys chat Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees, Robb Flynn kicking off on instagram and Matt’s recent interview with Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke. Plus Steve compares everyone to Talk Talk. As usual.

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