Riot Act

184 – Studio 666 and Bands that make Movies

It’s that time again, Riot Act is here, your weekly look at the world of music, and it’s been an incredibly eventful one don’t you know! On this week’s show Steve and Remfry have been to the movies (sort of) they both watched the brand new Foo Fighters film Studio 666 where the alt rock megastars take on some demonic force in their recording studio. It is a mad enough idea, but is it any good you ask?! Well, we’ll be more than prepared to tell you, whilst also having a quick trawl through the archives of other similar films starring bands, from Eminem to The Spice Girls, Michael Jackson turning into a spaceship to Kiss meeting the Phantom of the park, we look at the bizarre history of band movies.

We also discuss the latest album releases from Tears For Fears, Sylvaine and Beachheads, review a varied set of gigs from the Rolo Tomassi, Pupil Slicer and Heriot triple header, Nordic Giants ambitiously cinematic show and Dave’s triumphant O2 spectacular and talk about new music… sort of, from those greedy buggers Tool!