Classic Albums

CA05 Sepultura – Roots

Welcome back to another one of Riot Act’s Classic Albums Series. This week Steve’s up, and his pick is the, critically acclaimed yet often misunderstood, 6th album from Brazilian thrash/death/nu-metal pioneers Sepultura. 

The boys look back at Sepultura’s career till that point, and try and work out what exactly was the inspiration behind making the record, we look at the point in heavy music around the records release, it’s recording process, it’s phenomenal success, the tragedy that enveloped in and the unfortunate unravelling that happened soon after. An unravelling that ended up destroying the classic Sepultura lineup. We also look at the aftermath of everyone involved in the records career and ask if this was their creative high-point.

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Riot Act

79 – The Dandy Warhols Have Let Themselves Go

It’s a gluttony of reviews this week as Remfry and Steve bin off Trade off (again … sorry we WILL come back to it) and instead review a plethora of new releases from Loathe, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, Sepultura, Sylosis, Spanish Love Songs, Napalm Death and Vennart … phew! There’s also live reviews of Sleep Token, Five Finger Death Punch and the Backyard Babies / The Wildhearts co-headliner