Riot Act

16 – Frettin’ About Threatin (feat. Emma Ruth Rundle)

On this week’s episode of Riot Act there is plenty to be worried about. Steve is worried about Remfry’s drinking habit, the state of the world in general, and the sound of the new Muse album which is reviewed alongside the latest albums from Thom Yorke, Can’t Swim and The Ocean. There is respite from the furrowed brows in both The Trade Off, where we exchange superlatives about both Killing Joke’s Absolute Dissent and The Illusion Of Democracy by Reflux, and Remfry sat down for a stress free chat with the excellent Emma Ruth Rundle. But the most pressing concern comes from the bizarre and labyrinthian tale of infamous alt-rock troll Jared Threatin and his “band” Threatin, which is discussed at length… Spoiler, we never do get to the bottom of it.