Riot Act

46 – Steve vs. God

It’s an absolutely monumental week this week, partly cause there’s a lot of brilliant new music out but mainly because Remfry’s gallivanting off to that bloody Europe next week and alas, he won’t be present to wax lyrical about it all for you. But we have another treat for you all in store next week…more details on the show.

But nevermind that because on this episode are reviews of new albums by Baroness, Dinosaur Pile Up, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, Bokassa, Heart of a Coward and Jambinai. Cor blimey guv, that’s a hell of a lot of great music to get through (and some not so great music depending on whose opinion you value more). There’s also an extensive review of Portals Festival and a discussion around the Frank Turner / The Armed controversy.

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