Riot Act

147 – Rise Against, Red Fang, Boss Keloid and Part Chimp

Steve and Remfry ‘go down and deep’ on the Download Pilot line-up and end up completely and utterly contradicting our stance from last week by having a *whispers* bit of a moan. Still … festivals are back … sort of … yay! Something that no-one in their right mind should have a problem with is us moaning about the fact that Vince Neil STILL has a career in music even though he is clearly a washed up, overweight sexist sack of shit who can’t sing, as he proved earlier this week at a festival in Iowa. What an utter goober!

Albums reviewed this week are Nowhere Generation by Rise Against, Arrows by Red Fang, Family the Smiling Thrush by Boss Keloid and Drool by Part Chimp