Riot Act

04 – Calculating Infinity: The ArcTanGent 2018 Review

This week, Stephen and Remfry are putting two + two together as they get all mathematically minded whilst reviewing ArcTanGent 2018… well, Remfry does. Unfortunately, Steve didn’t put his workings in the margins and consequently turned up late and left early. What a plonker!

Elsewhere Remfry goes ballistic after seeing The Fever 333’s debut demonstration in London mere hours before the show was recorded and Steve goes stark raving bonkers over the new album from Mantar, as well as giving us a history lesson in art so offensive, even the Nazis disapproved of it!

The boys also review new albums from Jesus Piece and Leeched and verdicts are given on the latest Album Swap; Entombed’s Same Difference and Oceansize’s Effloresce. Plus comment is given on the new single from Sheffield metalcore abandoners Bring Me The Horizon.