Riot Act

141 – Dinosaur Jr., London Grammar, Big I Brave and Assertion

Remfry and Steve start this week’s show on a sombre note as we pay tribute to Jim Steinman, the colourful composer behind hits like Bat Out Of Hell and Total Eclipse Of The Heart, who passed away earlier this week from kidney failure after being ill for some time.

In other news, the internet has been a-buzz with hype after Mudvayne announced they are set to return to US festivals to play their first shows since their hiatus in 2010. Exciting news for sure, but maybe not quite as exciting as many people seem to be making out. 

Albums reviewed this week are Sweep It Into Space by Dinosaur Jr., Californian Soil by London Grammar, Vital by Big I Brave, and Intermission by Assertion.

Rioteers Review

RR28 London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing

Riot Act goes pop (sort of) at Elliot Holt’s suggestion as Steve and Remfry discuss the sophomore album by indie-electro pop trio London Grammar, who (confusingly) are from Nottingham. Steve gets personal, antagonises David Cameron and does an appalling Northern Irish accent whilst Remfry sits and listens in a sulk (even though he’s not in a sulk at all).