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RR41 Killer Be Killed – Self-Titled

Originally posted September 9th 2020 on

Remfry and Steve discuss a record that features members of Sepultura (Max Cavalera), The Dillinger Escape Plan (Greg Puciato), Mastodon (Troy Sanders) and The Mars Volta (Dave Elitch). The rule of super-groups dictates that surely, despite the calibre of musicians, this would be a crock of shit … but no! By finding the time to flaunt each individual member’s skills, whilst still maintaining the sense of a coherent and (perhaps most importantly) ‘proper’ band, Killer Be Killed is actually mag-bloody-nificent. Steve admits that his response to the record might have been too tepid upon release whilst Remfry manages to (shock-horror) get a reference in about post-rock … whilst talking about a heavy metal record. #branddedman


S29 – Killer Be Killed (with Max Cavalera and Greg Puciato)

For this very special episode of Riot Act, Steve is joined by two of our collective favourites; Max Cavalera and Greg Puciato. Known for their individual work in bands like Sepultura, Soulfly, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen and Cavalera Conspiracy, the duo join us to talk about the second album from their most super of supergroups, Killer Be Killed. We hear about the formation of the band, that dates back to the last decade, the way in which Max and Greg roped in Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and Coverge’s Ben Koller, and how they finally feel that KBK is a proper band that are (fingers crossed) in it for the long haul.

Riot Act

120 – Killer Be Killed, Cabaret Voltaire, Dark Tranquility and p.g. Lost

Steve and Remfry can’t decide on whether it’s a good week or not, as they review new releases by Killer Be Killed, Cabaret Voltaire, Dark Tranquility and p.g. Lost. They also talk about the potential Hole reunion (and if they’re bothered were such a thing to occur) as well as the all-star Alice in Chains tribute show at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle.