S23 – Covers Special #1

Remfry and Steve return to an idea as old as Riot Act itself as they pick 8 covers each to discuss over almost 3 hours. The songs that bands decide to cover and the way that they cover them can tell you a lot about the band itself, something that the boys dissect at length.

Together, they look at covers of songs by the likes of The Beatles, Refused, The Prodigy, Nina Simone, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Weezer, Deftones, The Police, Killing Joke and Frank Sinatra

Riot Act

69 – Michael McIntyre’s Lateralus Roadshow

We’re constantly striving to push the boundaries on Riot Act, by bringing you the latest and greatest music from the world of alternative music. So this week, we’re proud to present … errr Coldplay … sorry about that. 

But worry not, there are also reviews of the new ‘film’ by Slayer, plus reviews of albums by DJ Shadow, Sleep Token and Bellevue Days. There’s also talk about the unwarranted Mötley Crüe reunion, band announcements for Download and 2000Trees festivals and a special mention for an absolutely spectacular wedding party.