Rioteers Review

RR42 Hundred Reasons – Ideas Above Our Station

Original posted September 16th 2020 on

Steve and Remfry go very in-depth (almost Classic Album-worthy in-depth) on an album that was very hotly anticipated at the time, the debut from Aldershot melodic post-hardcore heroes Hundred Reasons. As suggested by Tierney, this Rioteer’s Review provides an opportunity to merrily skip down memory lane as both Steve and Remfry were heavily invested in the scene that Hundred Reasons (debatably) spawned.

They discuss the hype leading up to the record, the resounding success and sadly, what seemed inevitable decline of a band who, for just a sweet short summer in 2002 looked like they might dominate the entire universe (spoiler … they didn’t).

All that plus, we discover the revelation that Remfry’s never heard the saying ‘keen as mustard’ and Steve stays on brand by obsessing over a band that no-one’s even vaguely heard of and oly ever released one(!) demo.