Classic Albums

CA01 Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion II

In the first of our new Riot Act Classic Albums series, Steve and Remfry discuss not one, but two records released on September 17th 1991 by unquestionably the biggest band in the world at that time … Guns N’ Roses. 

They talk about the extravagances of the ‘blockbuster album’ era, the relative merits and failings of each record individually, Izzy Stradlin’s often underappreciated contribution to G N’R, the controversies that dogged the band at this time, the firing of original drummer Steve Adler plus much much more across 2+ hours. 

Not only that but Steve also attempts to compile his own version of Use Your Illusion that would fit neatly on to one compact disc (that’s a 150 minute album condensed down to just 80 minutes kids it ain’t as easy as it looks!)

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Riot Act

00 – The Venn Diagram of Riot Act Music

Welcome to Riot Act. A brand new podcast for fans of alternative music hosted by Stephen Hill and Remfry Dedman. In this four hour plus opening episode we go through numerous sub-genres, from prog rock to hardcore punk and everything in-between, to compile the ultimate guide to alternative music.

If you love passionate, in depth music chat, bizarre sperm metaphors, and podcasts being interrupted by cats then this might just be your new favourite thing on the internet!