Riot Act Reviews

Duran Duran – Future Past

Welcome to a special Riot Act Reviews podcast, an opportunity for Steve and Remfry to take a look at some of the more notable recent releases in the world of alternative music. This week we cast a critical eye over Future Past by Duran Duran, the 15th studio album from the legendary New Romantic band. It couldn’t have been two more drastic ends of the spectrum that our hosts were coming from with this record, Steve as a self confessed Duran Duran superfan who has heard every album of their entire career, and Remfry picking Future Past as his first experience listening to a full length studio effort by the band.

There is always going to be a huge weight of context behind any band that have been around as long as Duran Duran, and Future Past is no exception, not only is it their first album since 2015’s Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson produced effort Paper Gods, it also marks 40 years since their self-titled debut was released. Future Past features numerous contributions, with Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and legendary Italian composer Giorgio Moroder being just two of the names involved with the writing and production of the record, but does the classic sound of Duran Duran remain intact four decades after they first burst onto the music scene?