Riot Act

133 – Architects, Julien Baker, NoFX and Glitterer

Remfry’s so excited about the prospect of Mogwai getting a number 1 album this week that he’s changed his t-shirt! Who saw that coming!? Steve’s happy for Mogwai but even happier to discover that Remfry has more than one t-shirt. 

The rest of the news covers the full range of the good, the bad and the ugly as The Former Boss of the United States of America and The Boss start a podcast together (good), Daft Punk announce they’ve split up after 28 years (bad) and Reading & Leeds strongly indicate that they will be back this summer, leading a whole slew of UK festivals to announce they will also be returning in 2021 (ugly). Oh and in altogether terrifying news, some fart-hat has decided to make a biopic about Robbie Williams … starring Robbie Williams.

Reviews this week are For Those Who Wish to Exist by Architects, Little Oblivions by Julien Baker, Single Album by NoFX, and Life Is Not a Lesson by Glitterer.

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