Riot Act

26 – The Stone Roses at Notting Hill Carnival

This week’s episode of Riot Act comes with a twist! Usually, it’s Steve who is the grumpy one, but this week Remfry is going in on EVERYONE, presumably due to his less than flattering inclusion on the Batman Soundtrack Wikipedia page. He GROANS about Architects’ glorious Wembley triumph! He MOANS about Shaun Ryder and his Black Grape chums sounding too 90s on ‘It’s Great When You’re Straight, Yeah!’ after he was given them on Trade Off! He SLAMS Flint thugs King 810… He likes A.A. Williams and Puppy though. Steve is happy enough to talk about everything, including Remfry’s Trade Off pick ‘We Walk Unbalanced’ by Chronicles Of Adam West. Back to usual next week no doubt.