Rioteers Review

RR14 Blur – The Magic Whip

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Previously on Patreon 14/05/2019 – Steve and Remfry discuss the comeback album from Blur, The Magic Whip, the London Britpop legend’s eighth studio album. They discuss how the album fits into the band’s legacy, how Hong Kong affected the making of the album and how successful their comeback was. 

Riot Act

00 – The Venn Diagram of Riot Act Music

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Welcome to Riot Act. A brand new podcast for fans of alternative music hosted by Stephen Hill and Remfry Dedman. In this four hour plus opening episode we go through numerous sub-genres, from prog rock to hardcore punk and everything in-between, to compile the ultimate guide to alternative music.

If you love passionate, in depth music chat, bizarre sperm metaphors, and podcasts being interrupted by cats then this might just be your new favourite thing on the internet!