Classic Albums

CA30 Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Ever Amen

It’s the 30th artist to be inducted into our list of Classic Album, and we’ve gone slightly left of centre this time, as we speak about 1997’s Whatever and Ever Amen, the second studio album from North Carolina’s kings of piano led power pop Ben Folds Five.

We start by looking at that rarest of modern rock instrument; the piano. Where has it gone? What is its relationship with rock music? Why didn’t we see classic honky tonk piano in alternative rock? We try and answer that before delving into the career of Ben Folds Five, one of the most unique and idiosyncratic artists of the 90’s, looking at their stubbornness to conform to what was cool, their success with Brick and trying to re-evaluate the band today to see if they are truly an underrated and important artist… or are we just absolute marks for Folds’ perfect grasp on a pop hook?

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