Riot Act

158 – Deafheaven, Between The Buried and Me, The Bronx and Press To Meco

Steve and Remfry left the comforted cocoon of their homes to venture to the midlands and sequestered themselves in a small town that one of our hosts (who will remain un-named) referred to as ‘horrid’. Thankfully, we weren’t there to review the local urban metropolises … instead, they gallivanted off to Bloodstock to watch some heavy metal.

Whilst they were away, someone filed a lawsuit against Bob Dylan for sexual misconduct against a minor dating back to 1965, a claim that has caused controversy amongst internet sleuths the world over. We discuss, without drawing any solid conclusions, cause that would be premature without all the facts … unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the internet.

Albums reviewed this week are Infinite Granite by Deafheaven, Colors II by Between the Buried and Me, VI by The Bronx and Transmute by Press to Meco.