Riot Act

65 – Boom Boom Shake Shake the Box

With just 6 days to go until the UK is cast adrift from its European brothers and sisters after extending two fingers as an RSVP to the EU party, Remfry and Steve join Brexit dissenters Haggard Cat as they protest the 52%’s decision to leave … by spending 24 hours encased in a concrete box. Nice work chaps, that’ll show ’em!

Steve and Remfry review new albums by clipping., We Lost the Sea, Alcest, Mark Lanegan and Refused whilst Steve ventured out to see Killswitch Engage and Remfry recalls travelling tales from Scandinavia, whilst also finding time to attend And So I Watch You From Afar’s self-titled 10th anniversary show and Bad Pond Festival’s first stint in London town. 

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