S15 – MONO Discussion (with Jo Quail, A.A. Williams and Serena Cherry)

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Remfry is joined by three excellent guests, Serena Cherry (of Svalbard), Jo Quail and A.A. Williams, to discuss Japanese instrumental quartet MONO and the impact they have had over 20 years as a band. The panel discuss the dynamics of MONO’s music and the influence it has had on each member of the panel, which then leads into a broader discussion about instrumental music, showmanship and the difference between practise and performance. 

MONO curate a 20th anniversary event in London called ‘Beyond the Past’; three gigs across two days which will feature performances from Svalbard, Jo Quail and A.A. Williams as well as Boris, Envy, Ă…rabrot, Alcest, Nordic Giants, Floating Spectrum and of course, MONO. The shows take place 13th – 14th December at Oval Space, Barbican and Village Underground in London and tickets are available here.

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