S01 – Roadburn Festival (with Becky Laverty)

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It’s Riot Act’s first official special, and in the time-honoured tradition of shouting about the things we’re passionate about, we’ve decided to dedicate 90 minutes to the very special and unique Roadburn festival. Taking place annually in the serene city of Tilburg in The Netherlands, Roadburn seeks to constantly explore and push the boundaries of what heavy music is. From the sonically pulverising likes of Thou or At The Gates to the thematically weighty themes of Emma Ruth Rundle or Anna Von Hausswolff, Roadburn is a 4-day haven that actively works with the artists they host in order to bring patrons one-of-a-kind shows that have never been seen before and in many cases, will likely never be seen again.

Remfry sat down with Queen of Roadburn (perhaps not her official title) Becky Laverty to discuss Roadburn’s history, her experiences of the festival as a punter, and they try to pin down exactly what it is about Roadburn that has made it such an extraordinary place for heavy music fans for almost 20 years.

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