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RR45 Terrorvision – Regular Urban Survivors

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(Originally released over on 8th October 2020)

Remfry is beyond excited as he and Steve discuss ‘the best band of the 1990s®’ according to EVERYONE WHO IS SANE … Terrorvision, and their 1996, 3rd full-length album Regular Urban Survivors. As suggested by absolute ruddy bloody legends Doug Rae and Wayne Mcwilliam, Regular Urban Survivors was the follow-up to the hugely successful How To Make Friends and Influence People, an album that yielded 5 singles and reached no #18 on the UK Albums Chart. Regular Urban Survivors managed 4 singles, (Easy, Bad Actress, Celebrity Hit List and Perseverance) but reached no #8 in the charts, the highest position for a Terrorvision album. The downfall (and the dire Tequila) were to come but at this point, Terrorvision were a very big deal, playing 4th down on the ’96 Reading Festival line-up beneath Offspring, The Prodigy and Rage Against the Machine.


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