Riot Act

Riot Act 131 – Hayley Williams, God is an Astronaut, Lüt and Black Country, New Road


Remfry and Steve look at six new releases, including FLOWERS for VASES / descansos by Hayley Williams, Ghost Tapes #10 by God is an Astronaut, The Things They Believe by Loathe, For the First Time Ever by Black Country, New Road, The Thule Grimoires by The Ruins of Beverast and Mesmark by Lüt. 

They also take a look at the nominees for this year’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Steve is infuriated that Tina Turner isn’t already in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. But not as infuriated as he is with Weetabix, and their suggestion of putting baked beans on the whole-grain wheat breakfast cereal.

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