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Lana del Rey – Blue Banisters

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Welcome to another edition of Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry look in depth at one of alternative music’s recently released albums of considerable note.

On this show we look at the new album from American singer songwriter Lana Del Rey, Blue Banisters, the follow up to her Chemtrails Over The Countryclub effort from earlier in the year. We’ve had a fair few follow up “lockdown albums” coming hot on the heels of a big release to listen to over the past year, and usually the artists releasing such albums tend to lean in on the first record, choosing a similar sonic palette and not making too many stylistic deviations and instead tweaking here and there and making a continuation of what we’ve just heard. It’s fair to say that, although there is much here that is relatable to Chemtrails…, there is enough on Blue Banisters to suggest that Lana Del Rey has made a point of trying to approach her latest effort with something of a different mindset. But, is it enough to get the thumbs up from our hosts?

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