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Korn – Requiem

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Hello you! Well if it isn’t another Riot Act Review podcast, where we, that’s Steve and Remfry FYI, look at another big album release. Today we’re considering the relative merits of Korn’s 14th studio album Requiem. It’s the follow up to the nu-metal legends surprisingly brilliant The Nothing in 2019.

It’s a pretty high bar for Korn to match here on Requiem, and so, fair play to them, it would appear that they don’t even try to do that. Instead opting for a “If it ain’t broke…” mentality and going back to the sound and style that has served them so well over the past couple of decades. Does this make Requiem the best or most essential Korn album ever? Definitely not. But, obvious as it may sound, Korn are actually very, very good at sounding like Korn, and when they get it right they’re a pleasure to be around. How often do they get it right here? Well, if you listen then you’ll find out won’t you now!

Boom-da-da-mmm-dum-na-ee-ma, Da-boom-da-da-mmm-dum-na-ee-ma GO!

Korn – Start The Healing (Official Music Video)

Korn – Forgotten (Official Audio)

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