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178 – RIP Every Time I Die

Welcome to another weekly instalment of Riot Act, your dose of news and opinions on all recent alternative music shenanigans. It’s been a wild time putting the show together this week, as both Steve and Remfry are reeling from the news that one of hardcore’s most beloved and inspirational bands have split up. We talk through the Every Time I Die split before paying tribute to them as best we can by each choosing five songs from their illustrious back catalogue to create our own personal ETID super playlist.

That’s not all though, there’s also chat on recent releases from Elvis Costello, Comeback Kid, Toundra and Som, live reviews of Idles and Haggard Cat, the surprising (if fairly minor) rise in CD sales and how old and confused we feel by the recent announcement of the emo*-tastic When We Were Young one day festival in Las Vegas later this year.


Riot Act

177 – Halsey, Iglooghost, Violet Cold and a few others we missed from 2021

Welcome to episode 177 of Riot Act, the alternative music podcast … so alternative in fact that Steve brings up Gangham Style within 30 seconds of pressing record … THAT’S how alternative we are!

We’ve had a few weeks off over the Christmas period which has given both Steve and Remfry a little time to listen to some of the records they’d intended to in 2021, but didn’t get round to. We bring you some mainly great releases we missed, a couple of ok ones and one particularly stinky one to round things off.

In the news, we discuss Metallica’s dogs, Glastonbury’s profits and the sad passing of Woodstock founder Michael Lang. Plus, we sift through a few records coming up in the next few months that we can say with absolute 100% assurance that we have not heard, no sir, not us, move right along, nothing to hear here …

Woodstock Videos

Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer – 8/14/1994 – Woodstock 94

Green Day – When I Come Around @ Live Woodstock 1994 HD

Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole – 8/13/1994 – Woodstock 94 (Official)

Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls – 8/12/1994 – Woodstock 94

The Allman Brothers Band – The Same Thing – 8/14/1994 – Woodstock 94 (Official)

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176 – Riot Act Albums of the Year 2021 (5 – 1)

Welcome to the final Riot Act podcast of 2021, and what better way to finish the year off than with the culmination of our countdown of the very best albums of the year. Steve and Remfry reveal their individual top five picks in what has undoubtedly been one of the most exceptional years for music in living memory. With it being such a fantastic period for music there are a whole heap of honourable mentions to be revealed, before things get a little bit emotional as we reach the climax of the last 12 months, with everything from boisterous hardcore punk to delicate folk, from scabrous experimental hip hop to lo-fi indie pop being recognised at the, phoenomanally strong, business ends of our lists. 

We will return in 2022, which is going to have to go some way to topping 2021, but we’ll do our best to continue providing you with the very best sounds we can find from every corner of the alternative spectrum… whatever that even means to us these days… even we don’t really know! Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last 12 months.

Riot Act

175 – Riot Act Albums of the Year 2021 (10 – 6)

Yes that’s right, it’s Riot Act, your favourite dose of alternative music content back again with another show filled with lovely year end shenanigans. This week Steve and Remfry continue their countdown of the very best records of 2021 by revealing numbers 10 to 6 in their individual lists, a varied bunch containing everything from prog-metal to lo-fi indie to mad piano jazz to euphoric blackgaze. Plenty for your ears to enjoy.

We also bombard you with a mammoth list of our hosts’ favourite songs of the year, which excitingly includes an entire reading of that Godspeed You Black Emperor song with the mad long name, and a bit of a chat about how good metal has been this year (Not very on brand is it!)… oh, and we prove we’re shit at maths.

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174 – Riot Act Albums of the Year 2021 (15 – 11)

Welcome back to another Riot Act, where you join us at the second of four shows detailing Steve and Remfry’s continuing countdown of the 20 best albums of 2021.

This week our hosts talk you through numbers 15 to 11, waxing lyrical on everything from soaring, majestic soul to crushing, expansive black metal, from warming, bright shoegaze to icy cold gothic melodrama. All that and much more are represented in our hosts picks, and they also find time to talk through some of the most disappointing albums of 2021. In our humble opinion you understand. Sure. Obviously.

Oh… Remfry ISN’T wearing new glasses by the way. Just to be clear. THEY ARE NOT NEW GLASSES… Carry on!

Riot Act

173 – Riot Act Albums of the Year 2021 (20 – 16)

It’s the moooost won-der-ful tiiiiiiime, of the yeeeeear.

Or rather, it would be, if Steve and Remfry weren’t tasked with re-listening to all their favourite music from the past year and attempting to put their favourite 20 albums into some arbitrary list of preference!

Excessive sadfishing aside, 2021 has been an extraordinary year for new music and whittling it down to just 20 albums each has been a tougher task than ever (yes, we know we say that every year). We’re spreading the Riot Act Albums of the Year over 4 episodes this year, with this episode counting down from 20 – 16. On top of that, we take a look at our favourite EPs of the year.

Riot Act

172 – The Significance of Image in Music

On this week’s show, we explore the idea of image and how it has evolved to encompass not just an aesthetic look but carefully crafted lore and mythos that listeners can delve into and explore outside of a band’s music. Is image a vital component to becoming a hugely successful band in the 21st century? Is it a coincidence that bands with a striking aesthetic – Ghost, Sleep Token, Creeper, even Code Orange – have gained significant traction in a relatively short period of time? How and why is image relevant to an auditory medium? We also draft in Metal Hammer editor Merlin Alderslade to get his perspective and what significance a band’s image might (or might not) have on editorial decisions made in the magazine.

On top of that, we discuss the Adele shuffle kerfuffle, the grammys’ lack of self-awareness and the new album from Cynic as well as live reviews of Rolo Tomassi, Mogwai and Sleep Token.

Riot Act

171 – A Storm in a Pee Cup

It’s time for your weekly dose of alternative music news and opinions from us here at Riot Act. Steve and Remfry discuss t-shirts and slippers (not sure why) before we talk about what could be the biggest week of new releases this year. Mainly courtesy of the new album from Adele, obvs.

We then get into a news story that maybe shouldn’t be that big, but seems to have taken on a life of its own over the last week, the performance from Brass Against at the Welcome To Rockville festival in Florida, which featured lead vocalist Sophia Urista… ummm… was caught short onstage and… errrr… relieved herself on a willing volunteer. We look at the event, the fall out, the outraged response and ask, really, is it that big a deal? We also asked our followers on Twitter what the most unusual thing they had ever seen during a gig was, which provoked some eye opening, and watering, anecdotes. All of which seem far more shocking than the events of the weekend, and include on stage curries, naked crowd surfing, prosthetic limb throwing, djent knitting and a bloke in a wedding dress who looks like Charlotte Church.

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170 – The Astroworld Tragedy

It’s a somewhat somber episode this week as Remfry and Steve try to piece together the events that led to nine people (eight at time of recording) losing their lives at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas.

A criminal investigation is under way to try and ascertain what caused such an unnecessary loss of life as well as the hundreds of injuries sustained during the melee last Friday night. We try to make sense of a tragedy that ultimately, should never have happened and discuss the potential factors that led to it. Is Travis Scott himself to blame? The promoter Live Nation? Security? Poor infrastructure? The fans themselves? All of the above? We look at all the factors that potentially contributed to the highest number of accidental deaths at an official US concert venue since the Station nightclub fire in 2003.

A lighter, somewhat more jovial second half of the show is a discussion of some of our favourite music media outlets, a chance for us to recommend other music enthusiasts and their podcasts, YouTube channels, documentaries, blogs and radio shows. Links to all the recommendations covered on this episode are below

The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show

Heavy Blog is Heavy

Howard Goodall’s The Story of Music

James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds

Pop, Collaborate and Listen

Trash Theory

Riot Act

169 – Limp Bizkit, The War on Drugs, JPEGMAFIA and Rivers of Nihil

Welcome to another week of alternative music news, reviews and opinions courtesy of us here at Riot Act. Steve and Remfry start, pretty much immediately, by excitedly reviewing the recent Biffy Clyro gig at the Forum in London, before delving into this weeks releases, discussing the news that U2 have released a rubbish song (much to Steve’s disappointment but not shock), Porcupine Tree have reformed and that some Slipknot fans have set fire to a mosh pit… or something. We also pay tribute to legendary music writer Malcolm Dome, who we were very sad to learn passed away this week. RIP to the man who coined the term thrash metal and who has given both of us literally tens of thousands of words on some of our favourite music ever.

We then catch up on some recent releases that we feel are worth talking about from a truly mixed bag; Limp Bizkit, The War On Drugs, Don Broco, Jónsi, JPEGMAFIA, Marissa Nadler, Teethgrynder, Rivers of Nihil, Tom VR and Can’t Swim all have their latest albums discussed and dissected. There’s a lot of chat about the saxophone too. Nice.