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Meshuggah – Immutable

Welcome to another Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry look at one of the top new releases from the alternative music world. On this episode we are going to be speaking about Immutable, the brand new album from Swedish tech-metal pioneers Meshuggah.

Meshuggah are one of the most important bands in modern metal, pioneering a sound that has been ripped off and copied by all manner of chancers in the djent scene over the years, but the last couple of releases the band have put out, 2012’s Koloss and 2016’s The Violent Sleep of Reason, maybe didn’t hit the same heights as their classic material. It’s hard to know what exactly you should want or expect from a new Meshuggah album here in 2022, they’ve done so much to further the genre, but they have planted their sonic flag in the ground so deep that what they do is pretty rigid at this point. Can it ever inspire the same level of jaw-dropping that they did when they rewrote the rule book? Do they need to reinvent the wheel? Where does Immutable sit within their stellar back catalogue? We’ll answer all of these questions, and more, here.

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Placebo – Never Let Me Go

Hello there, it’s another Riot Act Reviews innit, the podcast where Steve and Remfry cast their beady eyes over a brand new release. On this episode we are looking at the 8th studio album by glam-alt-rock-cult legends Placebo; Never Let Me Go.

It’s been 9 years since we got a full length album from the band, but Placebo have been more than active over the last decade, and it appears we have found the band in a very good place. Never Let Me Go is full of all of the idiosyncratic things that make Placebo Placebo; Brian Molko’s instantly recognisable vocals, and lyrics, the glammy, electro stomp of the band all laced with their trademark acerbic bite. But there is a lot more to the record than just their classic sound, with the likes of Biffy Clyro, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Franz Ferdinand and… er… All Saints being mentioned in our review. Does it work? Well, you’ll have to listen now to find out won’t you!

Placebo – Beautiful James (Official Visualiser)

Placebo – Surrounded By Spies (Official Visualiser)

Placebo – Happy Birthday In The Sky (Official Visualiser)

Placebo – Try Better Next Time (Official Visualiser)

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Soul Glo – Diaspora Problems

Welcome back to another Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry hone in on an upcoming album and give you their thoughts. This week we are looking at Diaspora Problems, the 4th studio album from Pennsylvanian hardcore punks Soul Glo.

They might not be a massive name at present, but this is a band with some serious ambition, and this, their first album on Epitaph Records, looks set to be one of the most essential releases in heavy music in 2022. Quite how we describe this is a fairly exhaustive task, because there is a hell of a lot going on here, reference points from hardcore include Beastie Boys, Bad Brains and Dead Kennedys, in hip hop we could mention Scarlxrd, clipping. or Three Six Mafia and there is even some Rage Against The Machine or System of a Down style metal in here as well. Essentially, if you’re a fan of forward thinking, manic and untamed music with ideas spewing out from every direction then you might want to listen to this record. We go mad for it, we’re pretty sure you will too.

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Soul Glo – “Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!)((by the future))”

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Ghost – Impera

Welcome to another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where we review a new massive album. This is a massively massive album as well, as we discuss Impera, the brand new album from Swedish occult-metal-superstars-in-waiting Ghost and the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2018 effort Prequelle.

Ghost have pretty much become one of the few great hopes for metal in the mainstream over the last decade and with this album and their upcoming arena shows in the UK (including a stop at London’s famous O2) it seems that they are very close to reaching the summit of their ambitions. We don’t want to give away too many spoilers for this album but blimey it’s a MAD listen this! Taking all of Ghost’s most bombastic, OTT, wild flights of fancy and cranking them all up to 11venty stupid, Impera is the sort of album that used to turn rock bands into megastars back in the day. It’s been true for a while, but it is very, very clear at this point that Ghost have got their eyes on the prize. Does that mean that the songs here are actually any good though? Well, have a listen and we’ll let you know…

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Ghost – Hunter’s Moon (Official Music Video)

Ghost – Call Me Little Sunshine (Official Music Video)

Ghost – Twenties (Official Lyric Video)

Riot Act Reviews – This World is Going to Ruin You

It’s time for another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry give you their opinion on a brand new album that is about to drop on the unsuspecting music world. On this show we are talking about the second album from Boston hardcore newcomers, (previously Vein) The World Is Going To Ruin You. have been seriously hyped from the hardcore underworld for a good few years now, but their last album Errorzone put a few noses out of joint when they added a little touch of, gasp!, nu-metal to their sound back in 2018. So a few Mystic Meg’s are assuming that TWIGTRY is going to lean in even further on more mainstream sounds and turn into the next big rock band. Well, more fool you for doubting them, as this is a spectacular 180 degree turn from the band back to the heaviest and most extreme elements of their sound, with a whole new bunch of stuff chucked in their to fuck with you as well. Good news if you like your music to be extreme, but, obviously that doesn’t strictly mean that it’s any good does it. So, listen here to see what we think of it… I mean… we’ve already made it pretty obvious haven’t we. But, listen all the same please.

Like the sound of an album trying to murder you? Why not pre-order This World is Going to Ruin You? – The Killing Womb (Official Video) – Wavery (Official Video)

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Gang of Youths – angel in realtime.

Hey everyone, it’s been a while, but we’re back with another Riot Act Reviews, and, good lord, do we have a good one. Steve and Remfry are looking at Angel In Realtime. by Gang of Youths, the third studio album by the Australian alternative rock band and the follow up to their 2017 album Go Farther In Lightness.

Although they’re pretty successful here in the UK, Gang of Youths are much more of a sizable band in their native Australia and the US. The release of Angel In Realtime. looks like it will change that dramatically though, as this is one of the most poignant, personal, inspiring and ambitious albums of 2022. The narrative around the album focuses on the death and legacy of frontman David Le’aupepe’s father, his relationship with a person he describes as ​​“the most important man in my life” and his reaction to the stunning revelations that came to light in the aftermath of his passing. This is all explored musically with a vast sonic palette that recalls everyone from Arcade Fire to Pulp to The National to Talk Talk to The Verve to Springsteen to Radiohead and beyond. It all sounds very ambitious, but has Le’aupepe done his muse justice with this record? Spoiler; unquestionably he has.

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Gang of Youths – the angel of 8th ave. (Official Video)

Gang of Youths – the man himself (Official Video)

Gang of Youths – in the wake of your leave (Official Video)

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Rolo Tomassi – Where Myth Becomes Memory

We’re back with another Riot Act Reviews, the show where Steve and Remfry give their expert opinion on one of the more notable releases in the music world. Today we’re speaking about one of the most unique and singular artists that Britain has ever produced; Rolo Tomassi and their 6th studio album Where Myth Becomes Memory.

As the follow up to 2018’s critically adored Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It album, there is a hell of a lot of expectation on WMBM, but if you’ve been following us since the beginning, then you’ll not be shocked to hear that we think they’ve skillfully sidestepped any accusations of delivering a disappointment. This is very much a continuation of the previous album, but with an extra lacing of hopefulness and positivity, bringing an end to an exceptional trilogy of records for the band. So, as ever, you can be guaranteed some sublimely brutal riffs, some euphorically soaring and shimmering clean passages and all manner of rhythmically inspiring and bewildering grooves, plus a few new tricks pulled from the Rolo Tomassi bag. We conclude with Remfry talking to James and Chris from the band about how the record came together.

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Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up Here

Welcome to another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry review a new and exciting release from the world of alternative music…

Today we’re talking about Ants From Up Here, the second album from UK experimental post-rock newbies Black Country, New Road. It’s only been a year since the band released their highly acclaimed debut album For The First Time, but we have a brand new set of songs already, with the band promising to give listeners a more palatable album than their first, with the intention being ‘to write songs that were three and a half minutes’. A quick look at the track lengths on this album will tell you that they’ve definitely failed when it comes to that latter point, but Ants From Up Here is full of contradictions, with the addition of lots of new musical ideas and forms hint that this isn’t going to be For The First Time mark II. Question is; is it any good? Have a listen to find out.

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Black Country, New Road – ‘Concorde’ (Official Video)

Black Country, New Road – ‘Bread Song (Live from Another World)’ (Official Video)

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Korn – Requiem

Hello you! Well if it isn’t another Riot Act Review podcast, where we, that’s Steve and Remfry FYI, look at another big album release. Today we’re considering the relative merits of Korn’s 14th studio album Requiem. It’s the follow up to the nu-metal legends surprisingly brilliant The Nothing in 2019.

It’s a pretty high bar for Korn to match here on Requiem, and so, fair play to them, it would appear that they don’t even try to do that. Instead opting for a “If it ain’t broke…” mentality and going back to the sound and style that has served them so well over the past couple of decades. Does this make Requiem the best or most essential Korn album ever? Definitely not. But, obvious as it may sound, Korn are actually very, very good at sounding like Korn, and when they get it right they’re a pleasure to be around. How often do they get it right here? Well, if you listen then you’ll find out won’t you now!

Boom-da-da-mmm-dum-na-ee-ma, Da-boom-da-da-mmm-dum-na-ee-ma GO!

Korn – Start The Healing (Official Music Video)

Korn – Forgotten (Official Audio)

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Venom Prison – Erebos

It’s another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry talk about one of the more noteworthy new records being released right about now.

On this episode, we’re looking at Erebos, the third full-length album by underground death metal darlings Venom Prison. It’s been a pretty spectacular rise for Welsh / Russian death metal crew over the last few years, with each of their previous records seeing them steadily climb the ladder of British metal to a position where Erebos now feels like a genuinely big release in the scene. The third album is always a testing ground for the longevity of a band like Venom Prison however … how much longer can you continue to blast and batter your way around before your audience feels like they’ve heard all your tricks? It’s a problem Erebos skillfully side steps, with none of the band’s previous extreme intensity being sacrificed, Venom Prison have released the most daring, expansive and experimental album of their career thus far, with nods to electronic music, ambient passages, power metal and symphonic bombast all peeping up from the precipice at some point during the records run time. Question is; is it actually any good?

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VENOM PRISON – Judges Of The Underworld (OFFICIAL VIDEO)