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CA42 Deafheaven – Sunbather


It’s Remfry’s pick for the latest episode in our Classic Albums series and he’s picked one of the most contemporary albums in our series so far in the form of Deafheaven’s second full-length album Sunbather.

Released to a largely unsuspecting public on June 11th 2013, Sunbather caused a bit of a sensation that few would have been able to predict prior to its release. Deafheaven weren’t the first band to mix elements of black metal with shoegaze and post-rock, but they were the first to do so who truly resonated outside of traditional metal circles, being embraced with fervour by an audience who were roundly dismissed by ‘cvlt’ metal fans as hipster poseurs.

8 years later after all the fuss had died down, it all seems rather silly to be honest and neither Remfry nor Steve have any qualms what-so-ever hailing this as a modern classic which ushered in a whole new audience to black metal. Sure, some of that audience might’ve have come and gone but Deafheaven endure and have become one of the biggest underground successes of the past decade due to their persistence and refusal to be bound by arbitrary limitations. 

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