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CA35 Joy Division – Closer


For this week’s Classic Album podcast we take a look at one of the most significant, if short lived, careers of any band of the last 4 decades, as we try and reach beyond the story and mythology of Joy Division’s second and final studio album Closer from 1980.
It’s a name that everyone knows, but just how important are Joy Division? We look at their lasting impact on the Manchester scene, from the birth of Factory Records, their groundbreaking and fractured work with producer Martin Hannett on their debut album Unknown Pleasures, the illness and depression of frontman Ian Curtis that cast a shadow over the band, the recording of the record, Curtis’ tragic death before the records release, the reaction to them after his passing and the success of Love Will Tear Us Apart. All coming before Closer had even been released to the general public. So, what exactly are Joy Division? A short lived hyped band, famous only for one song and the circumstances surrounding the cult of their iconic lead singer? Or a genuine one off band who made unique, unusual, honest and widely influential material that continues to inspire bands way beyond the confines of the early 80’s post-punk bubble to this very day? We discuss it all here.
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