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CA34 Neil Young – After the Gold Rush


Sweet Ham Alabama(!) it’s a new Classic Album podcast and on this particular episode, Remfry goes in deep on his oldest album covered on Classic Albums thus far, 1970’s After the Gold Rush, the third full-length studio ‘solo’ album by Canadian / American musician Neil Young. It is one of four high-profile albums released by each of the members of folk rock collective Crosby, Stills Nash & Young in the wake of their chart-topping 1970 album Deja Vu. The album consists mainly of country folk music, along with the rocking “Southern Man”, inspired by the unproduced Dean Stockwell-Herb Bermann screenplay After the Gold Rush.

Remfry and Steve go through all 11 songs from the album individually as well as discussing the long lost screenplay that two of the songs from this album were inspired by. We also discuss Young’s history in bands before this album, the Skynrd/Young ‘feud’ and esoteric lyrics to the title track that have stumped fans for the past 50 years. Neil Young is an absolutely phenomenal talent, and this 2-and-a-half hour deep dive into one of his best works will tell you why.

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