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CA31 Soundgarden – Down On The Upside (Part 2)


For the second part of our double Classic Album series podcast we take a look at the follow up to Soundgarden’s monolithic Superunknown; 1996’s Down on the Upside. Whilst grunge was in its commercial pomp back when their previous album was released, it’s a very different story in this part of the story. In the aftermath of Kurt Cobain’s death, and with pop-punk and Brit-pop the new fashionable genres to name check, Soundgarden were sitting ducks in 1996 purely for the crime of coming from Seattle.

We look at the build up to the record, and the effect that the disintegration of the Seattle scene had on the band, before tackling the album itself and then looking at the, frankly fucking embarrassing reaction from a sneering, lazy music press to the album. But, it matters not, because 25 years after the release of Down on the Upside the songs on the record still stand up as some of their best, and definitely most underrated work.

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