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CA25 Sigur Rós – ()


Our latest pick in the Classic Albums series sees Remfry and Steve delve into hitherto untrodden territory as Remfry finally indulges his post-rock leanings by picking (), the third full length album from Icelandic’s second biggest musical export Sigur Rós.

Sigur Rós are one of the few bands of the 21st century who have created a unique, strong identity. The term ‘Sigur Rós-esque’ has become a shortcut for journalists to describe music that is ethereal, sentimental and epic, but no band has gone to quite the same extremes to capture a specific sound as Sigur Rós did with (). We explore how Sigur Rós use Minimalism, Negative Space and ‘Hopelandic’, an invented ‘language’ of meaningless words and syllables, help the listener to impose their own interpretations on the songs. 

Sigur Rós inspire hyperbolic sentiments in people, leading one critic writing for Melody Maker to describe their music as ‘like God weeping tears of gold in heaven.’ We explore how the band provoke such extravagant descriptions in some, whilst simultaneously leading others to dismiss them as ‘forehead-slappingly pretentious’. Whichever side of the line you fall, it’s difficult to deny that Sigur Rós have created an evocative sound that is completely unique to them. 

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