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CA24 Meshuggah – obZen


Once again Steve and Remfry brave the finest recesses of their record collection to bring you another classic album series podcast. 

It’s a slightly different one this week, as we look back on the career of one of modern metal’s most confusing, inspiring, unusual, inventive and influential bands; the Swedish tech metal machine known as Meshuggah. We focus on their 2008 6th album obZen, their finest moment and commercial breakthrough, but it gives us a chance to look at just exactly what it is that has made Meshuggah such a revered musical entity.

From their earliest incarnation, the influence of nascent death metal and jazz drummer Dave Weck on their work were the key ingredients that enabled the Swedes to take huge strides as their career progressed, both as musicians and as a group that have experimented so routinely with the idea of what heavy music can be. We carry on all the way through to the painstaking recording sessions and the release of the album to assess how Meshuggah reconstructed the fabric and ideas of what metal was and how it opened the floodgates to popularise the entire djent and tech-metal scene, a scene that still continue to chase obZen’s tail to this very day.

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