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CA22 The Beatles – The White Album (Part 2)


In the second and final part of our look at The Beatles 1968 masterpiece The White Album Steve and Remfry start by examining if the record marks the first genuine example of a double album, before going through each one of the 30 tracks present and giving our verdict on them. We look into conspiracy theories surrounding Paul McCartney’s supposed death, accusations of everything from being class traitors to Communist sympathisers, the invention of heavy metal, bringing the avant garde into the mainstream and the link between The Beatles and Charles Manson and his crimes. We also look at the backlash The Beatles received critically in the aftermath of the record’s release and the long lasting influence that it continues to have on contemporary music to this day. All before we end by trying to somehow surmise the legacy of one of the most beguiling, bewildering, unique and inspiring albums to have ever been recorded. 

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