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CA22 The Beatles – The White Album (Part 1)

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It’s another Classic Albums series podcast. And in our most in depth look at an record to date we present a two part episode dedicated to The Beatles 1968 self-titled double album, commonly known as The White Album. In part one Steve and Remfry discuss The Beatles cultural significance, the daunting prospect of having to dissect the most revered and examined back catalogue in the history of popular music, the state of the world back in 1968, one of the most traumatic and politically charged years in modern history, before they get into the place that The Beatles found themselves in during that time. Looking into the shock death of the band’s manager Brian Epstein, the ever growing influence of Yoko Ono, their ill fated but prosperous trip to India and the studio sessions and the tense atmosphere that accompanied them, we set the scene before looking at the results of it all in part 2.

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