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CA21 Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape (Part 2)


In this second part of our Foo Fighters Classic Albums double, Remfry and Steve dive deep into The Colour and The Shape, the sophomore album released 20th May 1997.

The Colour and The Shape marks the first recording Foo Fighters made as a band rather than Dave Grohl solo. The recording was fraught with difficulty however, with initial sessions being scrapped almost entirely. When the band re-convened, there were even more problems which led to drummer William Goldsmith leaving the band disgruntled.

Despite these difficulties, The Colour and the Shape has become the band’s most enduring album, with mega songs My Hero, Monkeywrench and Everlong still integral parts of their set today. Remfry and Steve dive deep into the album track by track and we discover that Steve doesn’t really like Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street (bonkers!)

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