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CA21 Foo Fighters – Self-Titled (Part 1)

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For the first part of this double Classic Albums series we take a look at the humble beginnings of Foo Fighters and how Dave Grohl went from ‘the goofy kid that played drums for Nirvana’ to frontman of one of the biggest bands in modern rock.

There were tempered expectations for the 1995 self-titled album, written and recorded (almost) entirely by Grohl. Many critics seemed downright offended that a drummer (A DRUMMER!!!) would have the NERVE to step out from behind the drum stool and play guitar … AND SING!! AT THE SAME TIME!! MADNESS!

It didn’t take long for Grohl to make those critics look rather silly and 25 years on, the songs on Foo Fighters’ debut album (This is a Call, I’ll Stick Around, For All the Cows, Alone + Easy Target, Exhausted) still sound brilliant, despite (or maybe even because of) their raw, ragged production. The self-titled album served as a reminder that fuzzed-up guitars, a sweet melody and above all else, great songwriting is really all you need to deliver an album that will endure for many years to come.

Remfry leads the chat and covers the Pocketwatch demo, how Eddie Vedder gave Grohl his first big break post-Nirvana, the Robert Lang Studio sessions that would result in the self-titled record, track-by-track analysis, the chaotic Reading ‘95 show and the critical reaction; the good, the bad and the Christgau.

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