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CA16 Gallows – Grey Britain


It’s time once again for us to delve deep into another landmark record as part of our Classic Album podcasts. This week Steve is in the driving seat, and he has gone for the most modern album yet in this particular series, taking us back to the year 2009 for a look at the second album by Watford punks Gallows; Grey Britain.

We start by looking at the scene in which Gallows were born into, one of local shows and underground record labels, the early success and hype the band garnered with their debut album Orchestra Of Wolves, which led to the band being snapped up by Warner Bros for their undoubted masterpiece. We look at the creative leaps and bounds that Gallows went on to craft a record that still sounds as relevant, scabrous, difficult and bleak today as it did over a decade ago, before wondering if we will ever see the classic line up back together again, or whether we will ever see a band with such limited commercial prospects break into the mainstream in the same way that the band did at that time… spoiler alert, probably not.

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