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CA15 Opeth – Ghost Reveries


It’s Remfry’s pick on our deep dives into Classic Album territory and alongside Steve, he’s turning his attention to Swedish prog-metal legends Opeth and their eighth observation Ghost Reveries. Released in 2005, the album marked the band’s debut on Roadrunner Records, a move that idiots called controversial whilst sensible, level-headed folk simply shrugged and figured that a band of Opeth’s calibre had deserved a platform on what was almost certainly the biggest label dedicated to metal music for at least half a decade or so. 

It may not have been clear at the time but Ghost Reveries ushered in the end of an era for Opeth; 2008’s Watershed retained the heavy death metal growls that many miss in the Opeth of today but it undeniably took a very avant-garde turn that can now be viewed as ushering in the more prog tinged odyssey’s that Opeth explore today. As a marker in time, Ghost Reveries might represent the best album in the best era of Opeth’s career (yep … it’s better than Blackwater Park!). Available over on

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