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CA13 Queens of the Stone Age – Rated R (Part 2)


In the second part of our trip through the desert, Remfry, Steve and Adam dissect Rated R, the second album by Queens of the Stone Age. Looking to expand their musical horizons even further, Rated R showed huge progression and a desire to collaborate which would remain a vital part of the QotSA sound to this day. With the band inviting contributions from the likes of Mark Lanegan, Dave Catching, Chris Goss, Wendy Rae Fowler, Barrett Martin, Pete Stahl and Rob Halford, Rated R would become the most diverse and eclectic set of QotSA songs (and remains so to this day). The dissolution of the core duo behind QotSA 4 years later would affect the quality of the band’s output, but between 1998 – 2004, Queens of the Stone Age were the best ‘straight-ahead’ rock band in the entire world and Rated R was the apex of their creative endeavours (Songs for the what??) Available over on

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