Classic Albums

CA10 Blur – Parklife


In this weeks Classic Album special Steve gets the chance to pick one of the most important albums in his formative musical years; the third album from Britpop superstars Blur, 1994’s Parklife. 

We examine the what it was that made the band embrace their quintessentially British sound, how it paved the way for the onset of Britpop’s commercial peak, why they railed against America and the grunge movement that was dominating at the time, the huge success of the record, which saw the band win a record number of BRIT Awards and turned them into one of the biggest bands in the country, the role both Robbie Williams and Kurt Cobain played in making Damon Albarn a heartthrob, where the band went next after their war with Oasis and, crucially, does the music still hold up in 2020 and is Parklife worthy of its classic status… no spoilers, but it’s the first time Steve and Remfry butt heads on the quality of an album in this series. 

And it’s not about you joggers who go round and round and round… PARKLIFE! Available over on

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