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CA06 Glassjaw – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence (Part 1)

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It’s Remfry’s pick for Classic Album’s and finally, he’s getting the chance to dive deep into the full-length debut album by Long Island post-hardcore heroes Glassjaw. Remfry ties himself up in knots trying to describe how much Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence means to him, whilst Steve manages to approach the album from a slightly more balanced viewpoint (although he does think it’s bloody brilliant!) They discuss the 7 years leading up to the release of the album, how it fit in (or rather didn’t) with everything else going on around it in heavy music, the fallout with Roadrunner records and the controversy surrounding the lyrics. Oh and they also discover that Daryl Palumbo was in Busted! (sort of). 

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