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Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up Here

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Welcome to another episode of Riot Act Reviews, where Steve and Remfry review a new and exciting release from the world of alternative music…

Today we’re talking about Ants From Up Here, the second album from UK experimental post-rock newbies Black Country, New Road. It’s only been a year since the band released their highly acclaimed debut album For The First Time, but we have a brand new set of songs already, with the band promising to give listeners a more palatable album than their first, with the intention being ‘to write songs that were three and a half minutes’. A quick look at the track lengths on this album will tell you that they’ve definitely failed when it comes to that latter point, but Ants From Up Here is full of contradictions, with the addition of lots of new musical ideas and forms hint that this isn’t going to be For The First Time mark II. Question is; is it any good? Have a listen to find out.

Like the sound of Ants From Up Here? Why not order yourself a copy then?

Black Country, New Road – ‘Concorde’ (Official Video)

Black Country, New Road – ‘Bread Song (Live from Another World)’ (Official Video)

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